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At Givvet we make sure you find the perfect gift for your loved ones, from our wide range of products to choose from. Come, lets make someone feel special together.

A platform where we connect emotions with beauty and remembrance with loved ones, through well crafted customized gifts for that special person in your life who made a difference to you. Customizing the crafts and directly selling the buyers all over India. A marketplace for everyone, from gift buyer to maker, where the creative artists would come and showcase their work for sell, in form of personalized products.

Inspiration comes to those you believe have the capability to change the world, creativity comes from those you execute it. Artists are special because they have both qualities to create a canvas which would draw people emotionally and connect them to their fondest memories. Givvet is a platform where artists come and present themselves with their skills and add value to their art, because at Givvet we value the hardwork and effort put by every artist to make a masterpiece.

Gifting is a way of making someone realize how you feel about them, so this gifting season gift a part of memory to your loved one, to cherish for a lifetime, with Givvet’s collection of creative and artistic customized gifts.


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Givvet Stories

We fight, We love, We Cry and We laugh together, sometimes its important to capture these moment for a lifetime, in order to appreciate that friend you stayed beside you, when nobody did.
Mothers - A gift from God
A mother is someone who without thinking about her own interests nurtures her child’s interests. She is the one who will do everything to keep alive her children’s dreams. No matter what she will stand behind and protect her child in all the circumstances. Take a moment to appreciate their effort with Givvet.
There are few individuals in life who make a contribution but are never appreciated. These are people who unknowing make a difference, be it our house maid, our drivers or our teachers and everyone who have helped us in any stage of our lives. A simple gesture can bring a whole lot of joy to them. At Givvet we help appreciate the work of these individuals in the best way possible.
Classroom with kids. Teacher or professor teaches students in first grade elementary school class or little children preschool studying. Student learn on lessons indoor cartoon vector illustration
Teachers - Parents away from home
A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. The true morals and value lesson of life are taught by the most favorite teachers and they never ask anything in return. Some people leave a thousand stories to tell. Make sure to appreciate and honor such personals who have been a constant support for your development. With Givvet we aim to make these individuals feel special.
Loved One
They love us for more than anything in this world, they care like there is no tomorrow, they bring joy and happiness in the darkest of times and they support us even in the darkest of times. Its not a duty but a responsibility to make sure they feel special always. At Givvet we help connect and celebrate two souls to express their love and passion for each other.
festival 2
Festival - Peace and Prosperity
Every year we celebrate many festivals with lights, color, food and decorations with family and friends. This help us spread joy and spirituality to everyone, the best gift anybody can give to someone is the part of themselves which they cannot express, be it a family or a friend. With Givvet we make sure, you never miss out on personalized gifts for any festivals.
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